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Midsouth Aging Consultant​

Age-Friendly Communities Special Projects

Midsouth Aging Consultant is a strong advocate for creating age-friendly communities through a number of special projects for both consumers and professionals. It is our hope that by providing these programs and resources to the public and different agencies, we can play a role in enhancing senior care and creating safe spaces for seniors throughout our community.  Contact us to see how you and your agency can get on board!

Dementia  Response

Midsouth Aging Consultant has developed a training program for law enforcement and first responders on recognizing signs of Dementia, proper communication techniques and how to appropriately respond to situations involving those with dementia.

Caregiver Support

Midsouth Aging Consultant has developed professional development programs for clinicians on Caregiver Support, Age-Friendly Healthcare Systems,  and Core Competencies, and has also developed a "Helping The Helpers: Toolkit for Supporting Caregivers of Complex Care Patients" comprehensive resource guide that is available for sale.

Lifetime Wellness

Midsouth Aging Consultant has developed presentations for public spaces on "Making the Case for Enhanced Senior Programming", as well as a comprehensive resource guide on how to build engaging, holistic programs for seniors that benefit the mind, body, and spirit, combat isolation and loneliness, and are more inclusive for those with dementia.

Elder Abuse Response

Midsouth Aging Consultant has developed a training program for law enforcement and first responders on recognizing Elder Abuse and victim/perpetrator profiles, reporting procedures, and common scams aimed at defrauding seniors.

Fall Prevention

Midsouth Aging Consultant has professional development programs available for movement specialists on multi-disciplinary approaches to fall prevention, and is working on developing a comprehensive resource guide that will help professionals address, screen for, and make referrals for the social determinants of health that lead to catastrophic falls in seniors, as well as a guide to evidence-based fall prevention programs and how to implement them into practice.

Financial Exploitation Prevention

Midsouth Aging Consultant has multiple programs available for both consumers and financial professionals on smart money management, government programs and financial exploitation.

Memory Cafes

Midsouth Aging Consultant can help any interested organization start a Memory Cafe program.  "A Memory Cafe is a wonderfully welcoming place for individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease or any other form of dementia, or other brain disorders. They are designed to include the care partner as well, for a shared experience. Additionally, it is helpful for people with all forms of mild cognitive impairment (MCI.)

Individual Memory Cafes focus on different aspects for a unique experience. You may find some are activities-based, while others focus on education. You might have one enjoying the connections of demographic-appropriate music and dancing. Others might focus on crafts and painting, while some facilitate informal conversation to create new friendships. Some simply guide the participants in exercises that foster reminiscing."

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1st Annual Valentines for Veterans

Thank you so much to all the wonderful donors who made this year's event a success! Over 200 Valentine goody bags were donated to senior veterans to let them know they are loved and appreciated!

Linda Kerley Senior Center                                        Langford of Collierville                                   Gardens of Germantown 

Belmont Village                                                            Bradley Law Firm                                              Ave Maria                                                        Apelah, Inc.                                                                     The Zipperer Family                                         Senior Helpers                                              Pointe at Kirby Gate                                                     Mid-South Mortuary                                       Plough Towers                                              Lakeside                                                                           Unity Hospice                                                   Oak St. Health                                                Laurel Glen                                                                      Blue Cross Blue Shield                                   StoryPoint                                                        HarborChase-Germantown                                      AllState- Lynn McDonald                             Alzheimer's Association                              Trezevant Manor                                                           Heritage at Irene Woods                               Visiting Angels 

The Longest Day Checkers Tournament

Join us in the fight against Alzheimer's Disease by participating in our first annual Longest Day Checkers Tournament! The Longest Day takes place on the summer solstice, June 21st, to shine a light on those living with Alzheimer's and their caregivers.  You can help by playing in the tournament, volunteering, donating door prizes or refreshments, being a vendor, or just by spreading the word!

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